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Dubai’s Tourism Industry Goal For 2020

Dubai has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most favored travel destinations in the world. The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) authority has been continually working towards reaching its goal of attracting twenty million visitors per year by 2020. In order to successfully achieve them, the tourism industry understands the importance of partnering with world class technology experts.

As part of the tourism strategies, the scope for mobile app has been highly recommended and supported. The Dubai government’s encouragement to adapt mobile apps in tourism sector has helped both travel companies and travelers to increase revenue and explore the city respectively.

Tourism Mobile Apps Have Become A Necessity

Mobile apps remain the favorite mode of accessibility for travelling business. You give your customers an end to tourist package that serve numerous purposes via single/multi utility apps.

Once we listen to your healthcare app need, our healthcare mobile app developers brainstorm to build the right strategy. Through these articulated frameworks, we provide optimal healthcare solutions.

Travel apps are the 7th most downloaded app with 45% of people using mobile apps on a regular basis to plan their holidays and trips. Take a look at some interesting mobile app types and their usages:

App typeApp usage
Find best hotels and flight deals30%
Itinerary planners15%
Internal transport options12.6%
Restaurant guides and take away locations62%
Locate shopping malls36%
Travel maps48%

Apart from this, we build apps to browse tourist spots, integrate payment gateways and ease your job search while you’re in Dubai.

Similarly, we also build internal mobile apps for travel agencies/companies in order to create a seamless experience at work place.

Why We Can Be Your Perfect Mobile App Consultant?

Innoppl has been constantly evolving its mobile app technologies to adapt to the latest trends. What sets us apart from the crowd is that we articulate unique mobile app strategies to suit specific needs. We understand the influence of Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms in Dubai mobile app market. Our mobile app experts suggest you the best possibilities of designing and building mobile apps based on our thorough analysis and study about your app needs.

The tourism industry in Dubai is highly dependent on mobile apps in order to make tourists’ life easier and simpler. Hence, it’s important you find the right mobile app developers to turn your app idea into a success. We promise you to deliver highly scalable mobile apps that get you maximum ROI and recognition in the Dubai tourism sector.


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