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Onsite Patient Care

The healthcare industry is increasingly becoming popular and smarter by adapting to latest technology advancements to improve patient care. With healthcare mobile apps being one of the most demanded app categories, we are happy to have developed and provided many healthcare solutions and patient support tools that have great implications.

We ensure to help our clients with the best healthcare solutions possible. Post-Surgical and Elderly Onsite patient care is one of the most common functionalities that our healthcare professionals come to us for. The ability for patients to reach out to their physician on time has helped many customers from their long term struggle of having to wait for appointments and go paranoid due to unfavorable situations.

Innoppl can also help you improve and update your existing apps with integrations with Apple’s new Healthcare SDKs like HealthKit and CareKit.

Industries We Focus For Onsite patient care


Our Industry Solution Examples


WoundEZ app was developed for a customer who provided Onsite wound care for bed ridden patients. The care provider will be notified of the patient’s location and needs. The app had the following features:

  • Wound Measurement using the Smartphone Camera
  • Inbuilt Braden tool for predicting pressure sore risks
  • PUSH tool to measure and track healing
  • Past history lookup

Hospice Referral

The Hospice Referral app helped Hospice care providers assign nurses to take care of elderly and post-surgical patients. The app had options for the nurse to check in at the patient’s house, map progress, administer medications and record all activities at the patient’s house.

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