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eCommerce Solutions

There’s nothing as upsetting as setting up an online store that does not give you the desired ROI. Most eCommerce sites face conversion problems despite heavy traffic to their sites. They’re clueless because they do not understand why customers don’t convert despite visiting their site. The fact is you could be missing on something trivial like a misplaced CTA button. Our customers face similar problems like the below and we take them quite seriously.

  • Website UI/ UX design
  • Site Navigation
  • Content Strategies
  • Sorting Products/ Categories
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Custom Carts
  • Payment Integration
  • Appropriate Upgradation
  • Security
  • Efficient Checkout Processes
  • Setting Up Right Customer Loyalties etc

The key is to receive ideal solutions for your eCommerce site from eCommerce experts. Innoppl understands this and ensures we study and analyze our customers’ requirement thoroughly before we arrive at a decision. Our solutions are custom made for your requirements!

Our Industry Solution Examples

Wallaroo Hat Company

After working closely with several eCommerce customers for several years, we have found that minor improvements we make in an eCommerce site pave way for big sales. Wallaroo Hats, a prominent hat company, had contacted us to boost their sales. The changes that we implemented increased their wholesale clients by 65%.

  • Created a custom wholesale portal where whole sale dealers could manage their accounts including payment.
  • Built a simplified tax management system
  • PayPal integration for easy payment options
  • We implemented user review systems for customers to study before making a purchase

W3ll People

W3ll People is an online shop selling beauty and wellness products. We redesigned their whole site by restricting the products and categories. We also upgraded their Magento version. By doing this, their site speed increased by 20%. They were extremely happy with our service and watching the impacts of the solutions we provided.

LoCost Medical

LoCost Medical is an online pharmaceutical shop. After studying their site issues, we realized that many of their products were hidden from Google. Hence, we created a dynamic site map which allowed improved Google crawling. We also updated their Magento version and worked on the URL and SEO. After this, LoCost Medical saw their site experiencing huge traffic and improved site performance.

Categories We Focus For eCommerce Solutions

We provide end to end eCommerce solutions that include CRO, SEO, Website redesign, building custom carts, maintenance support etc.

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