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The Land Of Emirates – The Land of Opportunities

UAE has been witnessing a steady growth in its retail industry, thanks to Dubai which has 55.7% of its international retailers. The land of Emirates is the second most beloved shopping destination in the world after London.

With technology standards rising and meeting new innovations, the need to simplify your tech-savvy consumers’ demands is the challenge. And this is being accomplished with the ubiquity of mobile apps, changing the face of the retail industry.

Significance Of Retail Market In UAE

Statistically, UAE is ranked the 8th most attractive market global retail market. Many factors like the ones mentioned below which favor retailers, hold a significant impact on the industry.

  • Mind boggling infrastructure
  • Robust economic environment
  • Strategic location
  • High transportation quality
  • Strong industry verticals

Is Your Retail Business Ready For The Future?

Having understood the need to satisfy tech-savvy consumers, the retail industry in UAE is going through a major technology revolution. For your retail business to flourish, it’s essential to reach out to your target audience at their ease.

With mobile apps, retailers have the chance to interact with their customers and stay updated about their preferences. The future of retail business is definitely letting your customers experience a hassle-free shopping from their favorite shop with,

  • Endless options to choose from
  • A simple check-out process, therefore avoiding long queues
  • Easy payment options
  • loyalty inclusions specific to your mobile app to encourage customers to be active
  • Scope for users to review products and rate them
  • Free shipping
  • Special offers and discounts for your loyal customers
  • Finally, encouraging your customers for all the above activities by offering them free Wi-Fi at your in-line store

Optimize Your Customer’s In-Store Experience With Omnichannel Retailing

Many retailers fail to realize the hidden opportunities behind personalizing their digital store experience at their physical store. When mobile gadgets and other digital devices already play a major role in driving your online sales, customers still prefer a seamless and a unified shopping experience while they are at your physical store. The key is to take advantage of this factor by establishing omnichannel retail.

By measuring your customer’s in-store experience, you are in turn converting them to your digital customers. Building an omnichannel retail network helps you measure your shopper’s engagement, their in-store experience and the impact it has on your sales. This ways, you achieve an ultimate balance in tracking your sales effectively and filling up the gaps to offer your customers, a seamless shopping experience.

Finding The Right Mobile App Developer

Your retail mobile app has to be unique, stuffed with creativity and the best user-experience. Being industry specialists and having known the UAE market style in and out, our mobile app developers help you design and build apps in both Android and iOS. From analyzing your requirements to planning, designing, integrating, streamlining back-end operations and testing and launching the product, our mobile app experts will ensure your customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience. We listen to our clients and understand their customers. Hence, we leverage the possibility of mobile apps to provide them personalized user-experiences and to redefine their shopping style.


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