Real Estate Mobility Solutions

Bridging Distance And Building Industries Through Technology

The Real Estate Industry In The UAE

The real estate industry is the backbone of all industries, making it important for the growth of the entire economy. The real estate industry has been showing remarkable growth as the government is looking to improve foreign investments and develop the city further.

Mobile and Web solutions for Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

Since the real estate industry paves the way for the development of other industries, it makes mobility the most desirable factor. There is nothing more important that finding the right property in the apt location.

Innoppl provides mobile and web applications that can make it easy for your customers to:

  • Identify available properties
  • Provide the right medium to connect with property owners and developers
  • Visualizing your project without visiting the location with Virtual Reality (VR) apps
  • Visualize your project in a current construction with Augmented Reality (AR) apps

We also provide business automation solutions like:

  • Apps to replace field service forms for safety and regulations
  • Catalogue and brochure apps for marketing
  • eCommerce marketplace for buyers and sellers

When global investors are looking to invest, it’s hard for them to fly in frequently just to check on prospective real estate properties, provide them the digital solutions to make it easier for them to visualize the project and track status.

How Can Technology Help The Real Estate Industry

We make use of the sophisticated technology to bring mobility in the real estate industry. With global satellite imaging and other offerings, it’s easy to survey a location to make an informed decision on your real-estate investment. Augmented reality also helps in projecting your building model in the locality of your choice to, visualize the entire project, without visiting the physical site. More importantly, the real estate agents and customers can easily communicate and close deals faster.


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