Automate Your Business Process With Mobile Forms

Innoforms is a perfect product that helps revolutionize your business process. If your industry has many field agents and paperworks, then Innoforms is the right tool that helps automate mundane routine and tasks to remove inefficiencies in your workflow.

This product was the result of the repeated problems our clients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia face due to various standards they need to follow. To be in compliance with various standards, they need to follow multiple checklists and safety factors. Innoforms lets you digitize the checklists and make it available to the necessary person instantly to help overcome all issues.

Problems We Wanted To Address With Our Product

  • Creating a workflow for checklists to maintain process compliance
  • Reducing back end system maintenance jobs
  • Tracking and managing field worker’s activities
  • Creating the right protocols to ensure the safety of the field workers
  • Managing essential activities like inventory, billing and accounting
  • Monitor work progress for services/ repairs and installations
  • Acquiring timely customer details, signatures, feedback forms, etc
  • Automate and process information in real time to reduce work turnaround time
Problems We Wanted To Address With Our Product

How Innoforms Fits The Role

Innoforms is the perfect tool to help resolve the problems faced by most industries in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The mobile forms can be used to ensure your workflow is always in sync with the current industry standards. Information collected can be uploaded and checked at once, eliminating the need for paper forms and the manual workload that follows.

It’s time to start automating your work process by going digital. Let your field workers be empowered with Innoforms that eases their work pressure as well as reduces inefficiency. Building and maintaining forms are also made easy with our pre made templates as well as a simple drag and drop form builders.

Syncing the product with your business will take less than a week, so you need not worry about productivity loss during the migration process. Get to know more about the product.


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