IoT App Development

We specialize in apps that can interface with your custom IoT devices through BLE, WiFi and other standards

Custom Hardware Devices

We know that you can create great devices. We create the best apps. Innoppl can bring the necessary app and backend software experience to enable your devices to connect to the cloud. We will develop the control apps, admin sites and provide feature rich dashboards to view all the data collected.

IoT App Development In Dubai

Industrial Hardware & Control

You could be the industry leader in Industrial hardware and control systems. But with the increased globalization of companies, clients want data on machine operations and reports to be available in real time across the world. Innoppl can get the data from your machines and provide comprehensive reports and dashboards for use on both mobile devices and desktops.

Wearables & Smart Devices

Are you a wearables manufacturer? Or are you creating smart devices? Innoppl will integrate your devices to Apple Health, HomeKit, Google Home, Google Health and other leading industry software kits. Leverage the power of Alexa to control your smart device. Show data from your devices on Apple Watch and on iPads. The possibilities are endless.

Our Portfolio

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Liberate Health

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Kasper Cab

Kasper Cab

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