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As technology specialists, we present the future of smart classes and virtual campuses

Educational Sector Using Technology To Meet Global Standards

The UAE’s educational ministry has been forever working towards the upliftment and improvement of the country’s education. Innoppl understands that the country is not left behind when compared to the numerous technological advancements in the west.

Today, mobile and web apps have taken the central repository of not only for regular student’s but also in helping students cope up with difficulties like autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, and other communication disorders. We at Innoppl build educational mobile apps that work for a cause in helping schools and universities alike in providing the best education to their students.

Innoppl’s Knowledge-Based Mobile App Strategies

There are over 680,000 education based apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. Innoppl’s knowledge-based development strategies for its educational industries have been a proven success over the years. Our mobile app developers are industry experts who have designed and built mobile apps to meet different kinds of educational purposes.

Some of our core specializations include,

  • Integrating mobile apps and wearables for Android, iOS and other platforms
  • Building apps that support AR and VR
  • Moodle setup and training
  • CMS setup with Drupal and Joomla
  • Third party app integration
  • Custom educational mobile apps
  • Apps that share numerous study materials and research papers
  • Creating dashboards for educational institutions
  • Incorporating speech recognition features
  • Apps to track, monitor and record student progress and more
  • Database apps to store and access records

Bridging Education And Technology Together

The educational industry is the backbone of a country’s development. We build mobile apps that have the potential to implement and improve your learning methodologies and achieve great results. Our result-oriented app strategies have helped our clients in helping their customers build their skills and knowledge irrespective of the university.

Apart from this, our mobile app developers also provided excellent services in increasing efficiency and productivity among students, teachers, parents and administrators. The aim is to provide exceptional learning experience outside classroom by taking advantage of the on-going mobile revolution. We also support the cause of replacing paper-based educational approach and establishing smart, virtual campuses so that learning becomes easier than never before.


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