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What Will Be 2016’s Website Design Trendsetters?

What Will Be 2016's Website Design Trendsetter

It’s been more than twenty years since WWW was born. Ever since its birth, we have witnessed a step by step progress in the making and design of websites. If you take a look at some of the websites like Yahoo and New York Times in the 90’s, you’ll find the first generation HTML websites were mostly text-based. Gradually, with simple text effects, flash, color changes, scroll bars, drop-downmenus, the look and feel of websites changed. By then, having a website became a necessity for effective business. At the same time, the field of website design also started growing.

Predicting the latest trendsetters is a difficult task, as sometimes it takes a while for them to manifest. Still, it’s fun to predict what designs will dominate the future. Take a look at some of our 2016 website design predictions!

Let Stories Design Your Web Site

An ancient method of exhibiting your product has taken a new dimension in today’s website designing. Everybody loves to hear stories. This is becoming a new trendsetter, as more and more websites prefer a narration-based design. Creating a step-by-step sequence of your targeted product, helps you to instill curiosity as to what could happen further. Narrating a story and walking through your website in a limited time can be quite tricky. Telling your users who you are and about your products through stellar content, perfect imagery and dynamic videos based on real time experience can create magic. Remember, this can be a critical piece of design for your website, as it leaves a lasting impression on your visitors – Visitors who may be transformed into customers.

Material Design

After resounding success with Android apps, Google’s Material Design is beginning to revolutionize websites. Google defines this as a universal design language combined with innovation and possibility of technology and science. Basically, it serves as a system design that can work on all platforms. With vibrant colors and tons of animations, incredible multitasking and creative specs, this serves as one of the most promising aspect of web design in 2016.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive design is not a new concept, yet it will still be a vital part of web design in 2016. It has an amazing flexibility feature that won’t lose its importance any time soon. In an increasing mobile-centered world, the need for responsive web designs has also increased and has become an essential part.

Something to watch: An increase in responsive sites with grid based design. These sites give a perfect user experience.


Cinemagraph is creating a visual treat out of a simple picture. It’s a combination of a photo and a video but taking less bandwidth than a video. Motion animations are taking a lead in the web site designing. Here’s how websites have adapted the Cinemagraph feature!

Bold Typography

Usually, the importance of typography is overlooked. But not anymore! Designers have taken this point quite seriously and have come up with innovative, creative typographies which can bring out your brand’s uniqueness. You’ll need to be very careful while integrating them to your back ground images/video. Depending on that you can decide if you want to stick to bold, classy types or quirky kind.

Ground rule: Make sure the type of typography you choose or create is legible. There’s no point in creativity when the user can’t understand your website.

Parallax Scrolling

A widely used concept in games application, parallax scrolling technique has made an impression in the web design, as well. It gives a unique user experience where the web page moves at different speeds as the user scrolls down. This technique encourages users to stay at your page longer by arousing a sense of curiosity. A perfect way to direct visitors to your CTA and engages users with its appealing visual effect!

Semi-Flat Design

Presently, most web designers opt semi-flat design or almost-flat design for their web site. Easy to navigate, subtle choice of colors, simple design, card/tile concepts are some of the main highlights of this design, eliminating the drawbacks of flat design. By adopting almost-flat design, users can experience a whole new dimension of design.

There was a time when only big companies could afford a website. As time passed, designers became more user-centric and businesses are completely web-based. With web developers and designers constantly exploring new ways to creativity, it’s important to keep one updated with the latest trends.

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