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What Can Colors Do To Your Sale?

What Can Colors Do To Your Sale

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has been confused by the choice of colors while shopping. There are instances where I’ve left a shop just because my favorite ‘pink’ was nowhere to be found. For some, an affinity for certain colors has become a part of our lifestyles.

There are times you remember certain things or people based on specific colors or a vibrant image. This shows the extent of visual impact on our sub-conscious minds. Although we find ourselves fascinated by such a concept, little do we know its impact on our customers.

When you create a website, the first thing that comes to your mind would be how attractive and colorful it’s going to be. Nobody will want to visit anything dull and colorless. Once the eyes of your customers catch the vibrancy of your site, you have accomplished the first step of getting them to stick around, and one step closer to converting your visitors.

Psychology Of Colors

Color psychology, a broader field of behavorial science, is the study of how colors affect human behavior and emotions. A human eye can see 10 million different kinds of colors. Studies have shown that colors are directly linked to your current emotional state. Triggering those emotions may factor into gaining or losing a customer’s attention. Creating the right ambience for your customers from the moment they enter your website takes is no easy task.

Consumer decision making is affected not only by various external influences (Like cultural differences, religion, and financial status) but also moods. We can’t control the external influences, but, with the help of color, we can trigger positive or negative reactions. Surprised? Let’s check out more to understand how/what colors can do to your sale.

Many marketers design their website without knowing how favorable or adversely their choice of colors can affect them. Not many have realized this color tactic and, furthermore, aren’t willing to accept this whole concept. Different colors have a distinct impression. Leaving a lasting impression on those who visit your site is no child’s play. This goes hand in hand with the fact that your brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than plain text.

Colors And Marketing

Marketing research shows that over 80% of visual communication is related to color. It’s been found that almost 62-90% of customers decide to buy a product based on their first impression created by color. In fact, 66% of shoppers prefer buying appliances of their favorite color.

When you enter a shop or browse products online, your eyes move towards brighter colors and areas. This is because your brain is programmed to perceive color, which in turn, can control your mood to a large extent. Your brand recognition highly lies in the success of your color marketing. For this, you need a clear understanding on your target audience. Once, you know whom you want to pitch sales for, your job is half done.

Planning your website design accordingly helps you create a better impact. Categorizing your brand helps you considerably. At the same time, you can categorize colors based on your product, gender, age, luxury, comfort, etc.

There are a number of websites and showrooms offering varieties of accessories for women or various car manufacturing companies and their respective sites. But what makes customers cue to your website largely depends on how you entice them with the appropriate colors and visual effects. Remember, your brand recognition depends 80% on color.

Persuading a customer to buy your product lies in the feeling you create for them. Isolation Effect, a psychological term, states that something that stands out is more likely to be remembered. This is backed up by many researches on the customer’s likeliness to buy a product inhigh, contrasting accent shades. Strangely, using descriptive, unique color names also have a positive impact on your brand. How about a lighter shade of green sounding, “lemon yellow?”

It’s the clown cladded in bright yellow costume that first comes to your mind when you think of a cheese burger from McDonald’s. Similarly, when you visit L’Oreal’s cosmetic page, you find the perfect blend of pink, white and red on a black background with a purple layover. This gets your target audience (women) glued, making them want to explore more. In contrast, take a look at the world’s worst website ever!

Which Color Says What

Like I said, each color brings a distinct mood and helps customers decide on buying a product. Women mostly prefer blue, purple and green. Men love blue, green and black (Granted, this can vary from one individual to another). Here’s what’s known about each color:

Blue: WELCOME! This is the most frequently used color. Americans are very fond of blue. Blue denotes loyalty and reliability. It sets a serene, calm mood. Banks, investment sites, social media sites are mostly are in blue. Indeed, a welcoming color!

Red: SALE! This signifies a lot of energy. It generates a higher adrenalin flow in your body and makes you WANT to buy it. This is often used in sales denoting price deduction. It signifies power, youth and importance.

Yellow: It’s mostly a WARNING! Yellow makes you feel strong, healthy and help build a happy atmosphere.

Green: NATURE! Green helps you relax and soothe yourself. It easily triggers a sense of positivity. Eco-minded people would NEVER compromise on green.

Purple: Visualizing this color brings LUXURY and romance to your mind followed by creativity and grandeur.

Black: SOPHISTICATION! Black has emerged to be one of the most sought after colors. Elegance combined with richness is what comes to my mind when I think of it.

Orange: Truly, a versatile, warmcolor promoting creativity and energy.

Site Conversions And Color

Like I said earlier, colors can be sued to help convert your visitors into customers. From Google analytics, 67% of site conversions are generated through home pages alone. Research has shown that changing the color of a call to action button alone can cause a 35-81% increase in conversions. Similarly, optimizing color for your banner, links, teasers, alerts and so on can help you increase your site conversions. There are many conversion site optimizer tools like Google Analytics, A/B testing, Crazy frog, heat map etc.

Clearly, there’s no emphasizing on any particular color. There’s nothing like a good or bad color. Every color has its own sweet and bitter impact. Using the science of colors can make the difference. Only when you’re ready to take up risks and experiments will you know what works and doesn’t.

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