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Wearable Technology Designed For Your Convenience

Wearables Designed For Convenience And Coexistence

With the launch of Apple Watch, Android Wear and Fitbit, consumers have been hooked onto smartwatches and their adaptation is increasing exponentially.

The global wearable market will be worth $40 Billion by 2020. But when we say wearable technology, it’s not limited to wristbands and smartwatches recording your fitness data- it’s any device implemented across various other industries to bridge the gap between technology and user’s problems and can be worn by the user.

Wearables are a true solution to most problems as they directly address pain points and provide solutions that are convenient and accessible. Let’s look at some of the recent wearable inventions and how it impacts human behavior.

Wearable Technology For Doctors

Healthcare is one of the dominating fields where wearables are making progress. Right from Google Glass helping surgeons practice complicated surgeries to the constant pulse monitoring system, the wearable technology plays an important role in multiple aspects of the medical field.

This latest invention from the Japanese is prone to be a huge success amongst surgeons, worldwide. The wearable chair is designed to help surgeons rest as they work long hours of surgery.

Wearable Technology For Patients

The world has evolved greatly from hearing aid to other devices that helps to monitor patient’s vital as well as treat them whenever necessary. Most of the devices are already out in the market and available for the convenience of the patient.

Muscle sensing prosthetics are another great wearable invention that lets a patient control his prosthetic arm by just thinking about it. The Myo armband can read the electrical impulses and transmit it to the computer nearby which will then direct the prosthetic arm to make the desirable movement. It’s a major breakthrough for the prosthetic industry and we can soon witness some amazing discoveries.

At home, even your baby’s vital and sleep pattern can be monitored by the wearable technology, which is extremely convenient when compared to the traditional baby monitor.

Wearable Technology For Fitness

If you are a fitness freak then you probably have one of the Smartwatch or a fitness band on your wrist. It helps you understand your body better and how your metabolism works. It also helps monitor your everyday activity level and plan your day to achieve your fitness goals. The wearable devices for fitness is becoming more sophisticated with trackers specifically designed for the activities you prefer, with more accurate readings.

Companies are now going beyond smartwatches and are developing smart clothes, hats, shoes and underwear to improve posture, get better workout data and monitor users closely.

Wearable Technology For Safety

Plenty of safety gadgets come in the form of wearable technology. Distress signals can be sent through devices such as rings, bracelets and watches help keep women and children safe. That’s not all, wearable technology is serving as a protection against excessive radiation exposure emitted from smart devices, iOT gadget, UV rays, etc.

Wearable Devices For Athletes

Wearables are perfect for analyzing body movements. Wearable technology is in the forefront for plenty of Olympics participants to gather finer data on their performance. Thus it helps them to understand how they can perform better. By accessing such precious data, they can monitor their movements and recalibrate it for better results, and sometimes even get feedback in real time.

Even the NBA is all set to run their individual experiments to help their players perform better.

Wearable technology is where the future is heading. With mobile SDKs like Apple Health mobile app developers can focus on creating more ways to get data, analyze and make the accurate readings provide the best feedback for the users. Advances in technology like Bluetooth Low Energy have made it easier for device makers to make devices that are smaller and last longer with better connectivity.

The next generation of wearables will integrate better with clothes and accessories we are already familiar with and thus feel more natural and comfortable for users. The future looks promising for wearables.

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