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UAE’s Rapid eCommerce Growth Holds A Bright Future

UAE's Rapid eCommerce Growth Holds A Bright Future

For most of us, UAE brings to mind the oil paradise, rich dried fruits, luxurious cars, a hot tourist destination, tall, magnificent infrastructure, the Dubai shopping festival and the fabulous malls. Among the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries, UAE, located on the Persian Gulf, maintains the highest standard of living.

Despite the fact that the internet took over the Middle East in recent times, the country is paving the way in the right direction for growing technology. This is confirmed by Ekos Global’s research,which says UAE ranks 20th for internet penetration.

Some Facts Proving UAE’s Growing eCommerce

Over the years, little did we know the UAE’s growing trend in the eCommerce market. The country’s eCommerce has taken a commendable leap, mainly due to investment in the internet infrastructure. Below are some facts showing how the UAE will emerge as top eCommerce market in the following years.

  • The research firm Frost & Sullivan revealed that UAE’s eCommerce market is worth nearly $2.5 billion a year. This is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2018.
  • For every 10 online consumers in the Middle East, UAE accounts for 5 of them.
  • Among the GCC countries, the UAE holds has the largest market share of 53%.
  • The UAE has the highest computer ownership market share of 76% across GCC.
  • e-Tail sales are expected to triple between 2014 and 2019 in the UAE.

How eCommerce Market Managed To Make An Impression

The UAE, with her grand malls and shopping areas, has always been a promising land to retailers. From clothing, electronic gadgets, home decors, perfumes, spices or anything you want to name, you can find it all. Earlier, people were not willing to take risks in online payments on eCommerce sites. It took a lot of time for retailers to face the e-tailer’s threat in the Middle East. The main reason was the unwillingness of people to take risks with online payments.

Followed by the success of eCommerce sites in the US and UK, the UAE started taking similar measures. Thanks to this, the UAE has managed to make a remarkable bench mark in the eCommerce market, globally.

The evolving lifestyles of the people and the growing importance of mobile phones, eCommerce market have made people’s life easier by letting them browse any product and getting it delivered totheir door. Moreover, eCommerce sites are ensuring they’re built on safe platforms and are consistently working on various ways to impress their online shoppers. Hence, this has rooted out the major concern of secure payment gateways, creating increased trust and reliability in their sites.

Although this has posed a threat to most retailers, it’s paving way for businesses to make use the combined opportunity and turn it to their favor. After all, it’s important to go with the wave.

eCommerce Development Firms On The Rise

While we saw the promising scope of eCommerce in the Middle East, it’s going to be even more promising for eCommerce development firms. Companies or consultancies that build eCommerce sites are in great demand. UAE’s booming eCommerce has paved way for a lot of new job opportunities. When there are plenty of developers out in the city, it’s important to seek expert advice in building your eCommerce sites.

A good eCommerce developer should be able to guide you and take you through the platforms, payment integration methods, site security, design, framework and marketing methods. Above all, you’ll need to ensure you get the desired ROI by choosing the right eCommerce development company.

There’s a steady increase in forums, seminars and workshops for eCommerce site owners and consultants like the Ecommerce Show. Such initiatives only confirm the rapid growth and the future of eCommerce business in the Middle East.

Having known the future of eCommerce in UAE, why wait to consult our eCommerce experts in Dubai?

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