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Top 6 Best Resources For Android Development

Top 6 Best Resources For Android

Android has emerged as the most trusted and fastest growing mobile platform. With its exponential growth, the demand for Android developers continues to rise. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Android developer, the scope for a stable career lies in how well you stay updated. When there are numerous options to stay connected with various Android developers’ community, forums, and much more, finding the best resource to develop your potential is key.

To help you, we have found some of best and most sought after resources for Android developers.

1. Android’s Official Developer Console

The Android community has a vibrant open source nature, helping many developers along the way. It’s the perfect hub for an Android developer to develop his skills. This is the repository where you’ll find documentations and training sessions suited to all levels and expertise. Here, you can know the latest updates, beta version statuses, key features, browse videos to learn from experts and much more.

Plus, with Android Open Source, you can learn the usage of new emulators and get the entire source code online for free.

It’s a dynamic environment where Android developers host tutorials and hosts a great knowledge database. Quora’s and Reddit’s recommendation on the best Android resources shows how Android’s official developer community is helping Android developers globally.

2. Stackfloverflow

Stackoverflow is another best recommended Android development resource. You’ll get expert advice, tips and ideas. This platform makes it possible to converse with field experts in the industry. It helps you build your Android developers network and brings you more visibility. Ultimately, it helps in finding and growing your network, all while sharing similar thoughts and experiences under a single roof.

3. Vogella

Vogella is a popular online training company that focuses on Eclipse and Android. Its courses help Android developers to understand the Android world right from the basics. It has a lucid way of explaining Android fundamentals and concepts. This helps Android developers to quickly grasp the ideas and work on their solutions. You can also access all their useful handouts and materials for references.

4. Android Weekly

Android Weekly is an exclusive, well-researched newsletter that has a vast range of topics on and news, tools, blogs, libraries and more. It’s a must read newsletter, as it gives an Android developer the edge to stay updated and aware of the Android world as a whole. You can also stay posted on any upcoming events or conferences where you will get the chance to interact with many Android specialists, face-to-face.

5. The New Boston

The New Boston has an amazing repository of hundreds of video tutorials on various Android development concepts. As the tag line suggests, it’s another awesome place for an Android developer to reap benefits of learning new stuff. It’s an ideal open source network for the programming geeks.

6. Github

Github is not new to any Android developer. It has more than 22.7 million code repositories. Here, you can find out some interesting projects by your fellow Android developers and build a strong network in the software contribution.

Whether it’s in creating an idea, designing or development, there’s no doubt about the bright future of being an Android developer.

The amount of eagerness to make use of all these or any resources is quite an important factor to drive your learning. There are plenty of resources available to improve your development skills. When you choose the right one with the aim to stay updated and connected, Android becomes more promising than never to its developers.

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