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The Age Of Disruptions – How It Reinvents Business And Technology

The Age Of Disruptions – How It Reinvents Business And Technology

A decade ago, if someone had suggested anything about self-driving cars or machines becoming the next Michaelangelo, you would probably think he had escaped from an asylum. But now, we have people ready to move into Mars(Yes, the planet).

People come up with extraordinary ideas every second and no one shrugs it off as its crazy or impossible to implement as we, now, live in the ‘Age Of Disruptions’ where we break all kinds of laws to make things work for us.

‘The disruptors’ are everywhere and it’s impossible to predict what could disrupt an industry. Let’s take our traditional taxi scenario, the drivers were happily driving around and enjoying their monopoly, when Uber comes along and changed the whole taxi industy. The idea has even started disrupting other industries as well.

With the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicting that such disruptive technologies will reshape the future of how we do business, it’s essential to get proactive to survive in this competitive world.

It’s Time To Listen And Learn

We have a  wide array of tools available that lets us access and view valuable information which we normally overlook. As more users start to use wearables and other smart gadgets that can listen and record their every move, it has become a data mine for new startups to use.

By analyzing such powerful data,  one can learn plenty about their users and craft the perfect product/services they prefer. A wide spread market research will not help frame your business anymore. The trends change and along with it, your users change as well. It’s essential you are extremely proactive and flexible to cater to your user’s need. Otherwise, someone else will.

Automate Wherever Necessary

With multiple apps playing a major role in how businesses run these days, its best you automate majority of your sales and business funnels. By embracing intelligent tools like Zapier, Buffer, etc. you can automate more than one functionality.

Let’s take a simple customer support process – as soon as your customer sends you an email, they expect an automated response. If they don’t receive any, it leaves them clueless about what happened to their email.

Automation becomes mandatory not only in customer support, but in all aspects of your business. You can automate all your communications to streamline the workflow to greatly reduce human effort and become time efficient.

Adapt To The Technology Growth

Technology is your greatest asset, when used right.

Innovations happen every second, but how often are we willing to move out our comfort zone to adopt latest technologies? The most surprising factor is that plenty of businesses do not put their website to its fullest use. They are happy with their existing client base and service  that they miss out on other opportunities that could boost their revenue tremendously.

By looking at the digital trends, we can see that UAE is one of the regional technology leaders providing affordable and fast internet.  An average internet user in UAE spends over 5 hours every day online on social media, buffering videos, etc.

So, businesses are pushed to become more social and connect to their customers in a more innovative way to build better relationships.  It’s easy to reach out to potential clients by using the right tools and marketing methods.

Create A Liberal Work Environment

More and more companies are realizing that the traditional corporate work structure doesn’t suit the millennial generation. There are other companies out there trying to steal their best resources and the only way to bring in employee loyalty is by building a liberal work environment.

Businesses are bringing in policies such as flexible work hours, comfortable clothing options, social spaces and many other liberal rules to attract talents.

Become Customer-Centric

Customers can either break or make your success. Long gone are the days where a business can provide lousy customer service and still run a successful business. Why? The customers didn’t know better.

Now, the customers are armed with information. If they are not satisfied with your company’s service, they stop using it, and also go on social media and let the whole world know about it.  And prospective customers look for ratings and reviews before choosing a new business.

It’s essential that businesses make their process customer-centric and ensure they provide good customer service. It’s the only way to build a long lasting organization that succeeds.

According to Accenture, the middle east is fast embracing the technology trends to serve their customers better.  If your business is one among the those running on outdated websites or not mobile ready with their offerings, you are letting disruptors to steal your clients.

Let’s take a took at Kodak, they were leaders of film photography and when digital camera came into existence, Kodak refused to adapt to technology and rather stuck to the faith that their customers will not fail them. The result: They lost a majority of their clients to technology leader like Sony and Canon and ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2012.

It’s 2016 and businesses in UAE needs to embrace the technology as well as the cultural change to have a profitable output.

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