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Starting A Company In The Emirates? You May Need An App

Starting A Company In The Emirates You May Need An App

Looking beyond its oil reserves, UAE has taken a number of initiatives to enable other business opportunities. As a result, Dubai – Replete with diverse cultures, architectural magnificence and automotive opulence – has become the epicenter of a burgeoning startup scene.

The result – The beginnings of a tech-fuelled ecosystem. Venture Capitalists such as Turn 8 Accelerator are looking for big startup ideas, inviting teams to Dubai and then offering 30,000 dollars in incubation money. Several full-scale startups have been running successfully for more than three years now, and Dubai has become the epicenter of technological activity in the Emirates.

Which is why you need to consider finding yourself a top-notch mobile app developer in Dubai, if you’re looking to start up or expand your business horizons there.

A number of startups have successfully launched full-scale business activity in Dubai, and are flourishing. Here are examples of a few:


A leading ads listing portal, that’s been operating since 2012. They also have a full-scale app, with customer support and social media compatibility. While Dubizzle dominates the classifieds and listings industry in UAE, their interests in other Gulf countries have been bought by listings giant OLX.


A high-fashion sampling company, Glambox sends samples of the latest in beauty to all of its opt-in members. Subscriptions begin at 50 Dirhams.


This famous budgeting app was built and launched out of the United Arab Emirates. With an aesthetic, easy-to-use app, Wally features regularly in numerous ‘Best Budgeting Apps’ lists.


A coupons startup, RoundMenu offers heavy discounts at some extremely popular restaurants and snack joints in Dubai. Available through website and app.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other startups operating solely on the strength of an app. The Emirates are no longer the enigmatic, oil-rich isles that mystery novels love to eulogize. They have a living, breathing, app-centered startup ecosystem that’s only going to get bigger in 2016.

Long story short: If you feel that your company belongs in/needs to expand to the Emirates, you need a high-performing, quality app that represents your business. If you’re confused about the options, or about your point of entry, let us help you! Get in touch with our Dubai app developers today.

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