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Promoting Your App With The Right Marketing Strategy

Promoting You App With The Right Marketing Strategy

You have a great purpose, a fantastic design and everything looks perfect for your new app idea. You decide the platform and you’re through with the necessary approvals to launch your app. But, something’s just not working. Your app doesn’t get the needed visibility. People aren’t aware of anything your app can do. And they’re not downloading it.

This is a common scenario most app developers face. They tend to overlook the importance of promotion and advertising.

Hence, the real challenge isn’t in creating novel apps. You could create a killer app with the best design and amazing outputs. But if your app fails to make an appearance in the market, then it’s all in vain. Implementing smart marketing strategiesfor your app to stand out is a key. Marketing your app is all about effective planning. The major points to consider while planning are,

  1. Knowing your audience
  2. Effective pre-launch buzz for your app
  3. Choosing the right medium for promoting your app

1.Knowing Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important factors in planning your marketing. Your app loses its essence if it fails to impact the right audience. Conducting research on the demographic and opinions of other similar apps will give you key industry knowledge. You could either design your app targeting a specific audience or know to whom your app works for and then design it for them. For example, if you’re developing a game app, research shows that 18-24 year old males are 76% more likely to buy an Angry Birds game as compared to females 25 and older. Such data helps in narrowing down your marketing strategies.

2. Effective Pre-Launch Buzz For Your App

An early buzz can familiarize people with your app. It’s better to promote your app a month prior to the scheduled date. This eases your post launch marketing efforts a lot. Through this, you can contact your audience for their views and ideas about your app. They could send you their experiences and stories which you can add to your pre-launching campaign. You can get to know what’s hot in the market and let people give their feedbacks and ideas on your app.

3. Choosing The Right Medium For Promoting Your App

This is the most challenging aspect of marketing.You can figure out the right marketing media only when you’re willing to experiment on various platforms. Remember, there are several ways to promote your app and not just one!

Social Media
Never miss out a platform to talk about your app. Social media has the power to decide the doom or boom of your app. In fact, an87% increase of mobile app visibility is created through Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube can take your app a long way.

With 1.3 billion monthly active users and 654 million mobile daily active users, Facebook is a powerful B2C advertiser. Stimulate your fans page by offering coupons, conducting polls and customer feedback. Ensure your Facebook page is up to date.

Twitter is the best way to connect your target audience. Due to the limited character usage, twitter does have its own limitations. But having people retweeting your posts is a great drive. The latest feature of twitter cards, Periscope are effective marketing tools when used in the right measure.

Fun fact: 87% of B2B marketing happens through twitter. Promoted Tweets have proved to be an effective mobile app advertising and marketing tool. Big companies are also using Twitter-owned Periscope as a marketing tool.

Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat
Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat have become the trendsetters in the visual marketing ever since 2013. With 70 million photos per day, Instagram has successfully laid its presence in the marketing field. Snapchat is slightly behind, with 100 million daily users since 2011. Pinning visual content like chart, graphs, and infographics has the power to make your boring content interesting!

Having a catchy video on YouTube while incorporating all your app’s features and seeing it go viral with maximum views is another way. It’s predicted that 50% of mobile app promoting will be through digital video by 2018. Beating Facebook, it has emerged to be number one social site with 166 million viewers in US alone.

It is possible to generate leads through the case studies, product tours, how-to guides. You can do this by even including a CTA button and a landing page URL to your website to increase conversion.

Freemium marketing strategy is a service that the company provides free of charge and eventually mint money through upgrades or additional services. According to App Annie, there was 211 percent rise in revenue through Freemium for mobile apps. Offering free stuffs can interest more people. Targeting this mindset of the market is the success of Freemium.

App Store Optimization
Just as SEO helps your content marketing stand out, ASO helps get greater visibility for your apps. The higher your app is ranked in app store, the better the chance for it to reach potential customers. Optimizing your app description, app logo, localizing your app, high quality videos and pictures, ratings and reviews are other ways of ASO. An ASO process conducted by Moburst showed that MailWise increased the daily download volume of the app from tens to thousands of downloads a day andalso lowering their Cost per Install (CPI) over time by 70 percent.

ASO drives more traffic to your app’s page in the app’s store. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered after better app store optimization.

Try other stores
Apart from iOS, Google Play Store, create your app visibility in other stores like

  • Amazon
  • AndSpot
  • GetJar
  • AppVisor
  • SlideMe

This helps widen your market, visibility and create good will with these third party stores. Making use of the unique facilities of these stores to the fullest is a smart way.

Sending out a targeted email campaigns to prospects is one more way of reaching potential customers. You can get in touch with publications where you can choose your targeted audience from their database. Personalizing your emails with the help of email softwares like MailChimp helps create a base template, design and with their metrics it is possible to evaluate your campaign results.

Email is still an effective way of creating an impact of your app in the market. It’s all about reaching your target customers and letting them access your app through their inbox. Studies show that for every$1 invested in email marketing, you get an ROI of $44.25. Around 4.3 billion email accounts are estimated by 2016. This shows that emailing is still the king of marketing your app and ensuring proper visibility in the market.

TV Ads
Although a traditional way of advertisement, TV still is the largest way of mass media marketing strategy. Studies show that on a daily basis 40% of smartphone users watch TV with their phone in hand. You can show a longer version of your app and at it’s the best way to reach out to specific audiences, easily.

This is the favorite marketing strategy for big companies unlike for start-ups due to high budget issues.


As mentioned earlier, there is no one way to build your app visibility. Implementing the right strategy takes time and effort. You can experiment various ways in bringing your efforts into limelight and giving it the right recognition. Regular online presence, having up to date information on the current market trends and a little patience is all that you need. Don’t let down your app by not giving it proper recognition and visibility.

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