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iOS 9 – What’s In Store For Us

iOS 9 Whats In Store For Us

With the countdown to iOS 9 release coming to an end, let’s take a look at what’s going on with the latest update and how it’s going to benefit or affect users. Apple is known to be quite strict and keeps ‘everything iOS’ under their wing. With the new update, they’re taking it to a whole new level of smart phone experience, where users have no choice but to stick with them.

A Much Hyped News App

For news lovers, this app is about to be your best pal out there. Get the latest breaking news from all sources – Filed under just one app. You no longer have to jump from one app to another to know what’s going on, as this app delivers all news that most interests you. The new layout is conveniently designed with beautiful typography to enhance user experience with innovative interactive features. We love our news and we can’t wait to try this app out!

Notes With Purpose

Everyone loves the simple notes app that comes along with their iOS devices. With the latest update, Notes will let you create check lists and also add images, URLs and everything else to help you take down notes more conveniently and clearly. My favorite new feature is the sketch with your fingers. You get to make visual notes, which simplify the entire process. Now, the Notes app can jot down anything from other apps with just tapping the share feature.

Apple Maps – Powerful Than Ever

When the Apple maps app was first released, it was not always an user’s first choice. But with the new update, you can not only navigate yourself efficiently but find places to eat, shop, hangout along with information on public transport timing and location in your app.

CarPlay – Just Got Better

Connect your phone wirelessly to not only access your music, but to navigate maps, read out text messages and much more. You can use the cars control knobs to access your phone to tilt and zoom into apps which simplifies the entire process. Also, the apps developed by car manufacturers can be seamlessly synced with the latest update to have the awesome AV experience on wheels.

Experience iPad – Like Never Before

Multitasking is the major addition to the iOS 9 update. Now, we can access two apps at the same time with the amazing screen-sharing features. ‘Slide over’ feature lets you browse the web and at the same time, reply to a text or jot down notes without leaving the window. ‘Split View’ lets you access two apps at the same time. Writing a paper? Keep your reference on the side and start typing away. Save a lot of your time by avoiding the hassle of going back and forth between apps. ‘Picture in Picture’ feature lets you have a video call while using your iPad for other purposes. The video is displayed on the bottom right corner while you continue using your iPad for other tasks. iPad users are itching to try the latest multitasking features.

Siri – Your New Personal Assistant

Siri has always been our favorite assistant, but with the latest update, Siri’s AI has gone to a whole new level. Set reminders like ‘remind me about this when I enter my car’ or ‘Tell me about it when I am at home’ lets you have an almost real time conversation with your phone. Also, based on your phone usage, get suggestion on what you would like to do next. As in, if you go to the gym at 6 pm every day and listen to your workout playlist, you phone will suggest the same at 6 pm, every single day. The iOS 9 lets you get more personal with your phone than ever.

The Fiasco From Apple For Putting An End To Mobile Web Ads

Apple is giving out a new extension in Safari that is going to block out ads completely from Mobile web. This feature can be a bad news to advertiser, but all experts agree that target audiences are on their mobile apps 90% of the time. If anything, Apple is helping marketers save tons of money by not letting them advertise in the wrong platform.

The iOS 9 is the most awaited feature and with the beta version already being adopted by our mobile app developers, we must simply say we love it and so will you. Do you have a fantastic app idea? Give us a call to get simple, seamless solutions.

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