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How Effective Are Enterprise Mobile Security Strategies?

How Effective Are Enterprise Mobile Security Strategies

As enterprises continue to encourage mobility expansion, security management remains a major concern. In 2017, over 268 billion mobile app downloads are predicted. Studies reveal that 97% of workforce use their mobile phones for accessing job related functions and 64% use them to access work outside office. Due to this, enterprises notice visible increase in productivity and easy access of data anytime and anywhere.

Even though studies show that over 95% organizations are encouraging cloud based and BYOD policies, the question is if the enterprises have a strong mobile security system that can protect it from hackers and how serious they are about the ongoing enterprise mobile security threats.

Security Threats

Studies show that most businesses are prone to various kinds of mobile security threats.Cyber-crime costs organizations $11.56 million every year.As there are several new threats arising every day, enterprises should be able to adapt new strategies in order to handle them. The goal is to continue enjoying the benefits of mobility services without security hacks. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has identified ten major mobile threats that can destroy enterprises.

Security Threats

Mobile Apps Security Pose The Biggest Challenge

According to IBM, mobile apps are predicted to contribute 75% of all security breaches in 2017. In 2015, iOS appsrecorded 179 billion downloads. With all these numbers, it’s no surprise that mobile app security topped the 2015 Executive Enterprise Mobility Survey. Although iOS apps are known for tight security and multiple data protection features, ignoring hackers’ efficiency is not wise. On the other hand, Android apps are proven to be highly vulnerable mainly because of its openness and easy accessibility.

Lost or stolen devices, BYOD, using multiple devices, downloading apps from insecure sites, lack of strong passcode authentication are some of the major mobile app security challenges faced by enterprises.

Enterprises should set up an independent body for mobile data security which will monitor issues on a regular basis. By doing this, the team can focus on identifying any risks and security issues and fix them. They should also work closely with the main IT security department in order to ensure stronger protection.

Ensuring file transfer protection from apps, forcing employees to go through strict authentication and other restrictions like requiring VNCs while accessing corporate data from apps can help curb on enterprise security issues.

Enterprise Mobile Security Strategies

When enterprises cannot stop workforce from using mobile apps, it’s highly important to enforce effective mobility management solutions. It’s ideal to combine EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)mobile security team with the IT security department. Such collaboration helps to balance the BYOD policies and strengthen the security systems. Emphasize on educating your workforce by conducting regular trainings on safe usage of mobile devices.

BYOD initiatives have given rise to a concept called enterprise wipe. With this, every three minutes, a mobile device is wiped out by an enterprise. Although this could be an effective strategy, there are numerous hidden dangers like deleting company’s sensitive information which can adversely affect the organization. As BYOD is the major reason for enterprise security, dual persona could be an effective solution. Through this, employees can make use two OS instances. This ways, employees can balance personal and professional usage of their mobile devices.

As enterprises are embracing digital workplace, there’s no one way for ensuring enterprise security. The key is to strategically deal with the situation by following the best practices and keeping your business safe from hackers without compromising on the productivity of your employees.

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