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How Does Android Manage To Rule The App Market?

How Does Android Manage To Rule The App Market

Ever since Google acquired Android in 2007, we’ve seen it grow rapidly and firmly in the apps market. It was the first open, comprehensive platform for mobile devices.Competing with Apple’s iOS, Microsoft and Blackberry, it has established a strong hold and set its own benchmark in the apps market. Sustaining in the market without continual adaptations to the present technology is impossible. Despite Apple’s many new releases and updates, Android has remained dominant in the app market. Here’s how they’ve done it.

An Open Market Place

The best part of Android is that it’s an open source OS. It’s possible for developers to create, publish and rate innovative third party apps.With Google being less restrictive, you can also install apps from unknown sources.

Further, with its transition from Eclipse IDE to Android Studio, a number of new features have been added.

  • Translators Editor Plugins
  • Multiple APK file generation
  • Built-in support for Google cloud platform
  • Gradle-based build system
  • Improving performance of your code and analysis tools

This has eased the work of developers in creating a flexible platform.


With multiple user interfaces and an open architecture, the scope for customization is pretty high. Apart from ‘rooting’ the ROM, Android has added a lot of wonderful and simple customizations: Managing and creating shortcuts, uninstalling apps, accessing app info, and adjusting the grid size to fit in more icons in a single page and using gestures to accomplish tasks, to name a few.

Take a look at some of the top utility apps which makes your smartphone even better.

With the help of UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget), you can create or edit text/graphic based widgets. This helps you customize the functionalities as needed.

Popup Widget2 allows you to use a widget whenever you need it. It pops up your favorite widget and disappears the moment you flick it.

Nova Launcher Prime, a home screen launcher, can change the look and feel of your phone. Now, you can have control on the number of rows and columns, hide unused titles, modify icons, animations and much more.

With Zooper widget, you can create widgets from their free templates and classy designs.

Dash Clock widget allows you to create widgets on lock screen. This helps you keep notified on important messages, dates and other notifications, even while your screen is unlocked.

Multitasking Made Simpler

Handling a number of apps simultaneously has become more of a need than want. Android gives you the benefit of working on a browser and watching a video or composing an email without having to close the current tab. With floating apps and multi-windows feature, Android has taken a huge leap in the multitasking area.


With Chromecast, you can mirror all your apps, photos, videos from Android phone to your TV. Introducing multi-Chromecast allows users to change the background settings, and even browse through the history of the background images.

Universal App Campaign

Google has introduced this new platform where developers can promote their app installs in AdWords with optimized and dynamic ads. Once you set your app’s target languages, location and budget, Google will then optimize your campaign and maximize the installs at your target cost per install. By campaigning differently for all your apps and reaching out to more specific users, this sets a whole new dimension for apps promotion.

The Market Share

All these enhancements and innovations have impacted Android’s share in the market. From ComScore report for 2015, Android has established a stronger grip in the Smartphone market. With 52.4% market share, it has come to No.1 position in the smartphone platform followed by its rival Apple. Recent reports from NetMarketShare also confirms Android’s market share jump to 53.54% in September, 2015. Even more interesting, big shots like Microsoft clearly know the future of smartphone market – Hence, they’re joining hands with Google and updating its MS Suite apps in Android.

And that’s how Android climbed to the top in the app store market! Despite the continual changes in the latest mobile phone technologies, Android has adapted and grown.

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