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The Future Of Technology In UAE

The Future Of Technology In UAE

With 2016 coming to an end, we are pleased to announce that UAE has been one of Innoppl’s most profitable regions with many valuable projects across various industries. In our journey to understand the Middle Eastern market, we have come to understand a lot about their culture, vision and the need to innovate and improvise. With the UAE 2021 vision strongly at play, we can witness the steady growth of the nation. It’s evident that the industries are adapting to the latest technology and mobility is fast becoming the core part of their process.

Increase In Demand For Enterprise Mobility Services

Mobility is inevitable for the growth of any organization. The need to stay connected without being tied down to your workplace is extremely important when you are working on a construction site, oil and gas plants, and manufacturing units. With more secured enterprise mobility solutions in place, a number of organizations in the UAE are ready to make the leap.

2017 Technology Trends In UAE

UAE is all set to become fully connected in the coming years-With the smart city program underway in Dubai and the other Emirates. With 91.1% of the UAE population using the internet and with the speed of internet connectivity is increasing at a rapid rate, the innovation should be on par to keep up with people’s demand. IoT will be the next big thing that not only lets consumers have a seamless technology experience but will reduce the overall operating cost.

Another inevitable change is that all organizations will become digital as the culture shifts to the internet. The time has come where most CEOs will realize that to be relevant and successful, a digital transformation is mandatory. Industries will also be more open to try out other technologies like AR and VR to help improvise their process as well as to get the desired reach. Also, there is an increased amount of threat due to security risks which will force the organizations to adapt to the cloud technology for a cost efficient and a secured option.

In Line With UAE 2021 Vision

With the aim of making UAE one of the best countries by 2021, all industries are looking to make a breakthrough for global recognition. Innoppl’s contribution to 2021 vision is aimed towards providing better healthcare mobility solutions.

With healthcare mobility solutions, you can centralize data and make it accessible to all doctors and patient. The overall diagnosis time comes down and treatment cost is considerably reduced in the long run. Innovative apps can also help with monitoring patients, providing remote treatments, post-medical care, etc. By implementing the necessary mobility solutions, UAE can definitely transform its healthcare industry.

UAE is up for some drastic changes in the recent years where technology adaptation will be their biggest focus. Soon, the world will start recognizing UAE to be more than an oil hub. The focus is on providing world class education to help build a resilient and a competitive economy and we are glad to be part of such a proud initiative.

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