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Can FDA Make A Better Impact On Your Medical Mobile App?

Can FDA Make A Better Impact On Your Medical Mobile App

Mobile apps have scaled and are expanding into all types of industries. The medical field is no exception. Bringing health care solutions, focusing on people’s convenience, has turned out to be more of business than a need. From making a call to performing an electrocardiogram, there are lots happenings in the medical app world. As mobile app developers are innovating new ways to help both clinicians and patients, it’s important to analyze the credibility and standards of these rising medical apps.

Understanding FDA’s System

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the US government body that’s responsible for regulating the food, medical products or veterinary medicines for the safety and welfare of the people. With increasing number of medical mobile apps, FDA has extended edits authority over their regulation, too.

A medical device is anything that can diagnose, treat, prevent or create an awareness of a disease. Like Apple and Google have their own approval standards for apps to enter the world, medical mobile apps go through an FDA approval process before they reach the market.

According to their recently updated set of guidelines, FDA has specified that all medical apps developed for diagnosing or preventing a disease should go through their approval process.

Categorizing Your Apps For A Better Survival

If your app doesn’t comply with FDA’s standards, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be subjected to their regulation. Basically, you need to analyze if your app falls into 2 categories.

  1. Apps which encourage people to be health conscience and maintain their health activities.
  2. Apps that promote, track, and help people to reduce their risk of certain illnesses that can pose a threat to their life or encourage them to live with the disease in a better way.

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, industry experts predict that the number of mobile health apps will increase by 25% a year and estimates that there will be around3.4 million health care mobile app users by 2018. Hence, getting your app to thrive in the market can be quite a challenging factor.

Facing The Pain Side Of FDA

Although most stakeholders have accepted this regulation act, there is a lot of pain involved. If their app fails the initial screening, few app developers want to invest in trying to get their apps to comply with FDA standards. Why? A lot of challenges are involved, such as longer approval time, reshaping the entire app design multiple times, intruding the liberty of app developers, long investigation procedures, software verification testing and so forth.

The major issue both big and small industries face is the lack of clarity in the guidelines. Hence, it’s better to have a clear picture before you actually develop a health app. Your best bet: Find a partner who’s familiar with FDA and their app development principles.

Taking A Chance? – Never

It’s important that your innovative apps in the medical field should focus on the welfare of the people. “From wearable sensors to simple tracking apps, more and more consumers are choosing to use technology to monitor their health and motivate them to engage in health-promoting activities,” – FDA Voice blog.

Going forward, the medical industry will definitely transform our lives with a touch screen. Hence, I would definitely recommend the need for agencies like FDA in regulating the medical mobile apps. Such a regulation authority gives a sense of assurance to people and suppliers are benefited more with such approvals.

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