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Are Paid Apps Worth Your Money?

Are Paid Apps Worth Your Money

When there are millions of apps out in the market, the possibility of buying them is an out of the box idea. Why would you want to spend when you can download for free? But, if this was the case, then why have paid and free apps?

There are compelling reasons for both types of apps. Most of us generally skip apps which are a few dollars. However, when you do decide to spend money on an app, it’s important to analyze what you get with the app (just in case you are someone who regrets things easily). Let’s take a look at some pointers to note before you think you have made a, “mistake!”

Thorough Research To Suit Your Needs

There’s no point in buying an app if your requirements can be fulfilled with a free app. In this case, the in-app advertisements are subtle and controlled. If you’re a hard core gamer or casual user, then such pop ups for advertisements shouldn’t bother you much (hopefully).

One reason why paid apps are still highly popular is when you pay, you get to enjoy the full benefits. For example, if you’re looking for an advanced lingual app and you realize it helps you with only the basics unless you buy it, then you’re likely to purchase it. This is where your research skills come in to picture.

Don’t ever make the mistake of simply skimming through the apps description if you’re planning on a purchase, as these are important deciding factors. Reading the apps description carefully helps you to know if it matches your expectations. This tells you if you’ll be charged after a particular period of time, as is quite common for apps to charge you more when you attempt to access more.

Reviews, Ratings, Social Media

Going by ratings and the reviews is a great way to know if you’re making the right investment. Both the iTunes Store and Google Play have thorough reviews of every app they feature. You can check specific review sites like Appolicious, Android Tapp, Life of Android for better recommendations, insights and opinions. Also, taking a look at the app history will tell you how frequently it is updated and how many users are active on it. Checking the developer’s site is another way to note the authenticity of the product. Initiating a healthy discussion through Facebook, Twitter and other prominent social media sites can impact and help your decision.

Try Before You Buy

A test drive on your favourite car, getting to try your accessories and apparels before having to buy them is a cool idea. Basically, testing anything you want to purchase is great. Similarly, the Play and iTunes stores offer trial versions of most of their apps. You can picture a better opinion when you try their lite versions that are mostly free or carry a minimal price tag. Trying apps before you buy will definitely help you streamline your options. Apart from all this, there’s refund option available in both stores. If you comply with their standards, you can be relieved knowing that you’ll get your money back.

Ultimately, your paid app should be able to meet your expectations! This will make the app worth your money!

Confused if your paid app is worth it? Consult our mobile app developers and they’ll tell you what to look for.

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