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8 Best Tips To Boost Your eCommerce Website’s Conversion Rate

8 Best Tips To Boost Your eCommerce Websites Conversion Rate

The eCommerce industry promises a brighter future for online store owners. However, one of the hardest parts: Driving traffic to your website to bring product/brand visibility. What’s worse, quite often heavy traffic seems pointless when you don’t find visitors converting to potential customers. After all, that’s the whole point of why you’re running a business.

After working with several eCommerce sites, we have compiled some of the best practices that can boost your eCommerce website’s conversion rate. Following these simple techniques will make all the difference, converting customers and driving sales.

1. First Impression Is Always The Best

When a customer visits your website, the overall design and feel of your website is his first impression. The choice of colors, design templates, ease of navigation and the speed are the primary parameters to get customers glued to your site. Don’t overuse CTAs. Avoid flashy colors, as they can irate your visitors. HubSpot reveals that red CTA buttons generate 21% more conversions than green. But that might not so for you. It’s better to test to be sure!

2. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Your website’s images speak for your business. Using clear images depicting what you intend to offer your customers is a skill. Users appreciate clear, concise images of the products highlighting the specifications and features. Make sure you have a purpose for each image and they will attract the visitors. Avoid using images to fill the vacuum in your website. Thus, beware of the fact that images can either improve or break your sales.

3. Know What’s Increasing Your Cart Abandonment

Paying attention to your cart abandonment is easier said than done. But according to Business Insider, 63% of online shopping carts can be recovered and converted for sales. One of the main reasons for cart abandonment is the lengthy checkout process. Allowing users to fill in less data and helping them checkout smoothly is the key. You can also follow up with them by sending them products based on related searches or asking them why they left your website.

4. Registration Through Social Media

Another annoying situation for a customer visiting your website is the guest registration. Here, you’re leaving them with less choices and, thus, you could be losing a potential customer. To avoid this, you should create options for registering through their social media accounts. This way you can track your visitor’s buying behavior and send them products based on their searches.

5. Free Shipping Services

Nobody wants to pay extra. It’s an exciting feeling to know you provide additional value of free shipping. Red Door Interactive has mentioned in a case study that by offering free shipping, they saw 90% increase in eCommerce orders. Also, according to comScore and UPS in July 2015’s report, 52% US respondents have filled their carts because of free shipping.

6. Entering The Mobile World

An incredible 81% of mobile traffic growth was recorded in 2014 and is expected to grow even more until 2018. The need for creating a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is highly recommended. On average, 20 to 25% sales are from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile ready, then you will lose out on many sales from your potential smartphone customers. Moreover, you could be in bigger danger for not being mobile-friendly, as Google can penalize your website for this. You don’t want to risk the SEO ranks, as well.

7. Woo Your Customers With Discounts And Offers

According to VWO eCommerce Survey 2014, 54% of shoppers will purchase products abandoned in shopping carts, if those products are offered at a price lower than the original. It’s important that you follow up with those customers through effective retargeting and remarketing techniques. Ensure you don’t lose on some of the potential customers by slashing away a few bucks.

8. Let Your Customers Speak About You

Letting your customers spread the word about you is one of the powerful ways to gain some traction. Your customer reviews about your products/services is extremely crucial in the decision making of other buyers. Statistics show that 55% of online shoppers make a purchasing decision based on reviews.

Also, testimonials of customers who were highly satisfied with your products are another way that can increase your conversion rates. This affirms better credibility and reliability to your eCommerce website.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to test all the tips before you implement them. Thorough testing and experimenting will tell you what best works for your eCommerce website.

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