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6 Things An iOS App Developer Should Know To Survive In App Industry

6 Things An iOS App Developer Should Know To Survive In App Industry

As of July 2015, there were over 1.5 million apps available in Apple’s iTunes Store. With the popularity of Apple’s products, many app developers have had promising careers. Dubai is one of the most sought after hub for technological advancements. The need to develop smart, unique apps is on the rise. For iOS apps, developers feel the heat right from the start to the time an app reaches the market. It’s a challenge to successfully survive in the industry.

Despite the challenges, there are many aspiring iOS app developers in Dubai. The following tips will help give insight into the industry and help app developers create a lasting impression, allowing them to stand out from the millions of other iOS app developers in Dubai.

#1 Half Knowledge Is Dangerous

As an iOS app developer, it’s important that you’re well versed in your work. Be it in programming or designing, it’s essential to have a complete, thorough knowledge in order to become an expert in your field. Having hands on experience and in-depth knowledge on Objective-C can help you scale dynamic opportunities. Familiarizing yourself with Cocoa Touch is another important factor. This helps you create intuitive apps using Mac OS X and seamlessly transfer them into the iPhone OS. Be open to learning and update yourself in the latest trends of iOS apps. Having a steady learning curve is boon to your career. But make sure you’re not a jack of all trades and master of none.

#2 Know Your Tools In And Out

To be a successful iOS app developer, you should understand and know your tools to the fullest. Xcode is the primary tool to build iOS apps. Master its features (Like Storyboards and Auto Layout) in order to work smarter. Also, if you learn its keyboard shortcuts, you can increase your productivity and get your work done more efficiently.
Xcode has another benefit of binding core data entries with view-based tables. Once you’re a champ in this user-friendly tool, you have come half the way to being a prolific iOS app developer.

#3 Stick To Apple’s Guidelines

Before you develop an iOS app, it’s important you thoroughly go through Apple’s guidelines. Apple has strict regulations and app approval process. Your work will be in vain if you don’t pay attention to its guidelines. Otherwise, there are high chances Apple will reject your app. Working systematically and professionally by adhering to the regulations can help you learn better and scale higher.

#4 Tackling A Developer’s Nightmare

Hackers are the worst nightmare and threat to any iOS developer. Recently, millions of iOS users were affected by XCodeGhose malware. Developers should be careful during the entire process and be aware of such impediments. User’s security should be a major concern while developing the apps. Many problems regarding the security of iOS apps can be reduced if the developers are shrewd and take adequate steps to weed out such issues.

#5 Test Again And Again

A successful iOS app developer never leaves a bug unnoticed. This is possible only when you take testing your app seriously. You have to take the role of an end user and test your app with all possible scenarios. Being a renowned developer, it’s important to evoke the tester in you. Going hand in hand is the best way to avoid maximum bugs.

#6 Being Passionate About Your iOS App

Last but not the least, be passionate. Keep your codes simple and neat. When you’re driven by a passion, you can perform amazingly well and establish a firm visibility in the market. Once you enjoy developing and learning, you’ll not only sustain but also effortlessly survive successfully as an iOS app developer.

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