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5 Reasons Why IoT Will Be Next Big Thing In 2017

5 Reasons Why IoT Will Be Next Big Thing In 2017

The Internet of Things has evolved and taken the world by storm. With the increasing number of low-cost IoT devices as well as off the shelf products, the number of connected devices is heading towards 50 million at the end of 2020. This makes us wonder where IoT is now and how it will impact our lives in 2017.

IoT Security Enhancements To Safeguard Consumer Data

Due to the low cost of entry, increasing number of consumers are installing smart devices in their homes and cars. This leads to a lot of sensitive information being transmitted which can be easily hijacked due to the lack of tight security.

With the latest reports of IoT threats, certain security enforcement’s must be installed to bring down the overall risk of security. Heading into 2017, companies must look into more security enforced devices, reducing the number of identifiable data collected, improving transparency and letting consumers opt in to share their private data. The focus should be on securing the data transmission as well as limiting the data collection.

Setting IoT Standards And Protocols

Since the time the concept of IoT had come into existence, a lot of companies started investing and building their own ecosystem to make it work best for them and their products. There has not been one single standard to regulate the protocol or standards. With diversity being IoT’s biggest setback, the year 2017 will be focusing on bringing all protocols and consolidating the best standards into one. It’s about time we have a unified IoT experience where each and every device can connect to one another for a seamless communication.

Get Back To Big Data With IoT

Big Data had been the talk of the town a few years back. Its potential hasn’t fully been put into use due to the lack of enough data to map a pattern. With IoT and the connected devices, now, we have the potential to collect enough data that can make our big data dream into a reality. With the power enabled by IoT analytics, data scientist can generate a ton of data with which they can extract market intelligence needed for crucial business decisions.

It’s Time for Real-time Stream Processing

Physical devices can collect real-time data and connect with the clouds to transmit them. Some objects emit less data, but there are others which can generate million data points. To handle excessive requests distributed stream computing platforms will come into play in the near future.

The Evolution Of IoT Operating Systems

The regular OSes such as Linux, Windows, etc. are too complicated to run onIoT devices. This one major factor paves the way for operating systems built just for IoT. These devices have limited memory and need to consume less power.Their sole purpose is to connect and control the connected devices. Currently, this OS focuses on triggering events and tasks, but, with with advancement of technology they will be able to handle some multitasking capabilities. Google is already said to be working on a lightweight OS called Fuchsia for this purpose, apart from a scaled down version of Android called Brillo.

Basically, the field of IoT is in chaos right now. The next couple of years will be busy with clearing the security threats and standardizing the entire ecosystem. There will also be a significant improvement in the overall IoT platform development as well as developing low power and wide range devices to improve their performance.

These improvements and changes will have a big impact and definitely more number of consumers will trust and adapt to the technology, thus driving a connected ecosystem that is fully automated.


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