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Mobile App Trends In 2017: Focus On User Engagement

Mobile App Trends In 2017: Focus On User Engagement

2017 is the year when mobile apps will be required to be inclusive, intelligent and relevant. An average person spends 3.5 hours on their smart devices and the time is mostly spent on the top 5 apps like Facebook, Youtube, etc. This shows that even though there are a million apps in the app store, almost 90% of the apps are not well received by users. If you are looking to improve your app engagement rate in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, the following trends are something you should incorporate in your mobile app.

Improve Micro-moments

Let it be making a purchase or researching a topic, people want everything to be done instantly. Google has termed this phenomenon as ‘micro-moments’, it’s where consumers have the ‘I want to go’, ‘I want to do’, ‘I want to buy’ or ‘I want to know’ moments. According to Google, there are 150 times per day, consumers have such moments that makes them take action.

To make your app relevant and more engaging, you need to address the micro-moments user’s have. It’s all about understanding the need of the moment and take necessary action. If you have a travel app that lets users buy vacation packages, have a social share button-bragging about their upcoming trip is something that users would love to do. Understand your end-user and introduce such micro-moments within the app or website to improve app engagement.

iBeacon Technology Takes Charge

Location based marketing has become essential for retailers to reach out to their target audience. With the evolution of technology and information readily available for consumers, it’s difficult to reach out to them in between all the other competition. 2017 will be the year where marketers are pushed to be more aggressive and location based technology like Apple’s iBeacon will become their right tool as it enables them to cut through all of the noise and reach out to customers at the right time.

Enabling AR And VR To Your Services

With Pokemon Go becoming a sensational phenomenon of the year 2016, users are ready to adapt to the exceptional features of AR and VR. Plenty of Retail and eCommerce companies are already taking advantage of the uniqueness of augmented reality in their customer acquisition process, with ideas like virtual trial rooms and augmented furniture shopping for your apartment.

Big Data To Play A Major Role

Analytics play an important role in building your business. Understanding your customers and their behavior is crucial for your online success. More number of organizations will start using their mobile apps to collect customer data which will help them acquire enough data to building better products and services.

Build Hybrid Mobile Apps

With the diversity of Smartphones increasing every single day, companies are forced to build hybrid mobile apps to cater to all sorts of OS, screen sizes, etc. Hybrid mobile apps will reduce the overall development cost and time as it replaces the need to build two separate native apps. The maintenance cost of the mobile app is also reduced.

Integration With Wearable Technology

Even though wearable technology is not as popular as everyone expected them to be, most companies will build apps that work with smart watches and other wearable devices. If done right, wearable technology can provide the best customer engagement for your users.

Smarter And Practical Navigation

UI/UX is extremely important for a mobile app’s success since users are extremely impatient. If your mobile app is not self explanatory or user-friendly, then users will uninstall your app. Mobile apps will have a makeover with a simpler UI to reduce navigation time and improved UX, with companies already using AI to get data to the user’s faster.

Artificial Intelligence Takes The Stand

Even though AI seems Sci-Fi for most of us, we do use them every day. Let it be Siri, Google Now or Cortana, they are all some form of AI designed to make our lives easy. The biggest reason for of AI to succeed is the evolution of ‘Machine Learning’. It lets you train your device or app to understand you better.

Also AI has been implemented in various business process to reduce dependency on manual labor. One of the best products of AI witnessed in the year 2016 is ‘Chatbots’. It has revolutionized the customer service industry drastically.

For the adaptation of AI in 2017, we will just have to wait to see how it’s implemented in various industries to simply their business processes.

The year 2017 will push mobile app developers in Dubai and Saudi Arabia to start designing and developing apps that are not only user friendly, but connects with the necessary technology to provide a wholesome experience for users.

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