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Mobile Apps Simplify The Banking System

Over the last few years, the Dubai banking industry has evolved to adapt to various technology trends and high consumer expectation. The ability to leverage complicated and sophisticated transactions into a smartphone has paved way for designing and building intelligent mobile apps. With many big and small banks exploiting the endless internet scopes, studies show that one out five bank transactions are done through smartphones.

As increasing number of customers prefer to do more with their bank without having to step into their branch, your responsibility gets bigger in terms of security and reliability. This is where you need expert banking mobile app developers to help you simplify the whole process.

Creating Exceptional Banking Mobile App Solutions

Being a leading mobile app development company, Innoppl understands the core challenges in order to provide any kind of banking solutions. Our primary focus on security, data integrity, flexibility and functional extendibility automatically leads to increased user engagement.

We at Innoppl have built mobile apps for various banking services across industries and platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. Our services include,

  • Integrating multiple mobile payment channels like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal etc.
  • Bank account integration
  • Incorporating personalized mobile banking features
  • Solving data redundancy issues
  • Providing advanced security features
  • Location based services, like locating nearby ATMs and branches
  • Including notifications of alleged transactions/bank activities and much more

Your Next Step Towards Banking Mobility

Our mobile app developers have worked in both core and enterprise banking solutions. Each industry needs specific industry solutions. Keeping this in mind, our mobile app developers follow unique strategies that meet industry specific banking goals. This is because what works for your retail customers may not work for other industries. This principle has helped us gain plenty of loyal customers who keep coming to us for all their banking mobility requirements.

We help you meet and exceed your customer expectations and work way beyond your ideas to help you reach forefront in the banking industry.


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